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Album: EP 2011 (2011)

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Song: Elenora

Bitrate: 320kbps

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From the confined town of Middlebrug Florida, In Betrayal has been making is mark in the hardcore scene since early 2009. From hardships, new friendships, and a new brotherhood, In Betrayal has risen from the lowest of the low to become what will be something completely new, taking the scene by storm. With their many influences, energized two step, breathtaking licks, and heart stopping breakdowns, nothing stands in the way of this bands dreams. To entertain and play the music they love. Once a vision, now a dream coming true, these 5 members have chosen the path to encourage, enlighten, and play the music as if it was an emotion in its self. The way music should be played, with soul. With much sacrifice, they will stop at nothing to be heard, given nothing and taking everything, In Betrayal will be sure to stick right to the heart.